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How to import from Notion

Motion Storyline limitations: Import may not retain some formatting but can be corrected inside text editors once imported. Image embeds will have to be done inside Motion Storyline, and no images will be imported from Notion.

How to import documentation from Notion

The template for structure for this documentation comes directly from the Notion documentation template.

Keep all your content in Notion, publish styled functional HTML pages from Motion Storyline

  • Motion Storyline published pages have SEO as a focus, so anyone can find your pages from a quick Google search

  • Your static pages will be dynamic in the sense that you can log into Motion Storyline, click import again, and publish to Netlify or download your updated version

All the features from the Notion editors you know and love.

  • For simple content, using Notion as a place where your documentation content will live is a great option - in fact this content lives in Notion and was published through Motion Storyline via an import button.

Setup steps

The basic import steps are very easy to follow. For more complex implementations that can be created inside Notion but are not present in the documentation template, you may get unexpected results.

  • Some item styles such as bold text and hyperlinks may be retained, but styling needs to be re-applied including headings and list styles.

  • Articles will still need to be named and given a topic manually - this cannot be imported.

Prepare your Notion document

Notion makes it easy to set up your project.

  • Click share in the upper right hand corner, and toggle on "share to web".

  • Click copy on the url field (this should begin with https://)

  • If your documentation is nested, be sure you are in the article, not a list of all your articles. By default it opens in a modal, but you can click "view as page" and open it in a new window.

Import from Motion Storyline 

Motion Storyline imports your whole document into one textbox in one click.


  • Start a new article in a technical documentation project set to publish to HTML. Add a new empty textbox, and click the Notion icon. In the dropdown under "Notion share to web link url", paste your copied url from Notion.


  • If your project was set up correctly as technical documentation for HTML, just download / export.