Project Name

Ubersuggest + Motion Storyline

Ubersuggest can be used along with Motion Storyline landing page templates as well as blog topics. For landing pages pick out a relevant feature or goods/service that you can showcase and begin keyword research in the app. For blog topics you can choose anything that is indirectly related to what you are selling as long as you feel it has relevance. 

Start with the keyword or phrase you think is the best one to target and get suggestions. Begin by just reading through the keyword ideas and content ideas. The first thing you will notice is that this process will familiarize you with your competition, whether direct or indirect, and give you a better sense of what else is out there and what is working for other people / companies. 

Keep in mind the concept of long tail keywords, especially if you are just starting out and if you are a small business. The lower amount of relevant traffic a keyword gets, the less competition and interest it will generate from the larger companies that you may not want to try to compete with. The amount of traffic also may be too low for you to be interested, so find a sweet spot that is within reach for your marketing resources but also provides the most potential.