How to use the recording studio

Recording guide

Overview of the recording tab functionality

The recording tab allows users to create assets for projects. There are 3 basic types of assets that can be created.
  1. Screen recordings
  2. Video from a media capture device (i.e. laptop camera)
  3. Audio only
Screen recordings are very useful for documenting how a product works by guiding a user through exactly what they need to do in a step by step format on their computer or mobile device.
Video is a familiar format to add personalized messaging - people love to see your smiling face. This grounds presentations by showing who you are, and is a great format for anchoring presentations.
Audio only format is recommended to be used with screen recordings. Although technology allows recording audio along with a screen capture in real time, it is recommended to break apart the tracks and overdub audio separately - this allows you to focus on what you are saying and get timing and flow in a better way than trying to do many things at once.

Another aspect of screen recording is a related functionality of recording a Motion Storyline animation down to a traditional video format - for example compressed H264 .mp4 video format. Native animations are HTML format unless this recording step is done. The same Motion Storyline HTML format can be used to record video format in a number of sizes and aspect ratios targeted at various social media formats. Standard format is full HD youtube video, which can then be uploaded to YouTube.

Once you create anything in the recording studio tab, you can then upload it as an asset in your project by opening the media modal and uploading as either a still image, an audio file, or a video file.
The recording tab does not have anything related to still image screen shots, which can be very useful, but on Mac you can simply hit SHIFT COMMAND 4 simultaneously and drag the edges of your screen shot. On Windows there are multiple ways of doing this but using the snipping tool is very effective.