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Deploying your website to Netlify

What is Netlify

Netlify coined the term JAM stack - blazing fast (as demonstrated by performance metrics), atomic static renders capable of dynamic user updates, cached and distributed on edge server nodes closest to a client location. This strategy and philosophy is what Motion Storyline builds upon for deploys. Netlify will host your site in the most technologically advanced way possible today and Motion Storyline integrates everything through their services. You will need your own Netlify account to use this feature.

Publish to Netlify

From inside the editor of any project, click publish from the top menu. This will pop up the interface for publishing to Netlify.
The first time you do this, the only thing you will see is the login to Netlify button, and you will need to click this and be taken to the Netlify website and authorize permissions. After you have completed this step, you can publish and re-publish any changes. A link to your Netlify hosted site will appear after one is created.