Deploying to Netlify

Deploying your website to Netlify

Netlify coined the term JAM stack - blazing fast (as demonstrated by performance metrics), atomic static renders capable of dynamic user updates, cached and distributed on edge server nodes closest to a client location. This strategy and philosophy is what Motion Storyline builds upon for deploys.

Getting set up

The first step in the process of getting set up is to go to and create an account. As soon as your account is confirmed via e-mail, you will need to go to your settings page and register an OAuth app. Follow the link to find the settings page:

At the top of the page you should see a heading called OAuth applications. Click the button 'New OAuth app'.

Now enter:

as the Redirect URI for your new app.

You should now have a new Netlify Auth App you can click on to reveal details.
Copy the Client ID of your new application and enter this into the form field on and click the Enter button.


Click the Authorize with Netlify button. 

View and Create sites

A list of your Netlify sites should generate. If you do not have any, or would like to create a new site for Motion Storyline deployments, click the Create New Site button. 
Please note: Motion Storyline does not have the capability of deleting any of your Netlify sites and you will have to do this manually if you desire. Motion Storyline can deploy over an existing site, and if you do this by accident and wish to restore your website to it's previous state, simply re-deploy from your last publish in the build tab within Netlify. Anything done via Motion Storyline is non destructive.