Motion Storyline Engine

The concept of a 'theme' is broken. A good 'theme' is professionally designed, but the process is backwards - a designer is creating a hypothetical design for a hypothetical use and the buyer then tri

What is Motion Storyline?

Motion Storyline is not focused on animation, as the name might imply, but actually on creating a unified quality standard in combining all three formats it will export.It is an opportunity for conten

Create explainer video online

Explainer videos range in what they are and the style they are made. Motion Storyline has an opinionated version and flavor of style.Simply use any theme that has an explainer video style for the anim

Photo animation

Create photo collage or photo montage slideshow style animations in mobile friendly, responsive, and SEO performance friendly way. Unlike video, which render each frame individually, SVG uses native w

How to use Motion Storyline

Motion Storyline works best when paired with some other similar products. This will be a guide to using Webflow, Netlify, and Ubersuggest to create a marketing content focused website.Motion storyline

Motion Storyline on Product Hunt!

Motion Storyline on Product Hunt!Motion Storyline beta was released on Product Hunt - although very little functionality was included and it was difficult for any users to even really use it functiona

Digital education content creation

Digital online education is a growing area with clear opportunity. However, it is becoming an increasingly crowded space and will continue to become more difficult to stand out as new content creators

Slideshow creator online

Slideshow creator onlineThere are basically two types of slideshow creation software - the first is a web based or PowerPoint style slideshow, and the second is a way to create a video in a slideshow

Easy blog in 2020

In the current ecosystem for 2020, if you want to publish a blog you have a bunch of options. Wordpress is still a good option because of the ease of use it provides, but a lot of new technology makes

How is Motion Storyline different?

Motion Storyline vs. WordpressWhen creating a business website in Wordpress a number of considerations are paid in terms of page speed load times, lighthouse audits, mobile usability, general style an

Hardware documentation

Technical documentation for hardware can take on a similar pattern to software technical documentation, however in many cases some of the documentation will deal with interacting with the hardware phy