Review of Notion to website builders


Super has been around a bit longer than the other Notion-to-website builders, and has trail-blazed a lot of features. 

Help Kit

Although a new product, this is the only one I know of (currently) that focuses exclusively on Knowledge Base sites as the output of Notion docs. 


Potion offers a free plan with a cool badge, and a variety of formats to fit your needs.


Feather focuses exclusively on creating a blog and things a blog needs such as a sitemap, tags, and SEO considerations. 

Well that concludes the review! Now for a bit of 🔌  shameless self promotion...

Notion to animated highlight reel product showcase promo video

Motion Storyline allows you to import content and export promotional landing pages - except instead of an HTML web page (although you can do that too) you will get a quick promo video from your content -- similar to results you might expect from an Invideo or Animoto type video.