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Motion Storyline SaaS

The core idea for Motion Storyline is a SaaS that serves product owners. If you have a product, usually the process of communication is divided (separation of concerns) out - the marketing pages or sites are a separate entity from the SaaS or business logic. Motion Storyline as a SaaS is an attempt to push the boundaries into what can be done as a service for the marketing communications part of the product. As a productized service, it is always a push and pull between a generalized and scalable service provided, and a product specific communication with extremely customized messaging and design that is based around that messaging. 
As a service, Motion Storyline cannot provide the micro specific attention to detail an agency or freelancer would provide knowing the specific business needs. However there are a number of building block, fundamental patterns that are universal to marketing communications. For example, performance from a technical standpoint (page load speed) can be measured and implemented for any business or specific business strategy. Motion Storyline pushes the limits of traditional approaches of how these marketing communications are built. 
Usually the value from a productized service is not that it can push the marketing communications to a final, finished, and polished state, but rather that it can do a lot of the tedious legwork tasks that need to get done in a fast and cost effective way. Then the final touches can be placed on by a professional with the insight to make a custom and specific presentation. Obvious problems can occur if it is not easy to "eject" from the SaaS or framework or software system used to create the groundwork. This can sometimes undo the entire point of quickly getting a large amount of the work done by being painted into a corner that makes bringing the project to completion more time consuming than just starting from scratch. Motion Storyline solves for these issues in a variety of ways (full code export, static sites as an agnostic level playing field, full custom design system integration with Figma), and is built upon personal experiences of frustration in dealing with these types of problems.

As the founder of Motion Storyline, I wanted to show how native HTML5 animations can be used to create explainer style videos in static site format. I wanted to shift the paradigm of thinking about static HTML5 native animations as being lacking (compared to traditional video marketing channels i.e. YouTube) to actually having equal or superior capabilities (example: bringing personalization into a product walkthrough video).

With Motion Storyline, you can push documentation to a whole new level with static sites.
  • Amplify marketing with docs
    • Documentation needs to be searchable, and Google can be leveraged for searches for documentation topics. 
  • Product and feature understanding reduce friction and increase sales onboarding. 
  • Leveraging current technologies to document products gives you an edge up on your competition. 
  • Performant SEO focused static sites with Netlify hosting
    • Create an exciting narrative around how your product or service works.