What is Motion Storyline?

Motion Storyline saves time and boosts productivity by providing a conceptual framework for creating videos in a familiar format borrowed from web creation. Create branded designs simply and instantly, or dive deeper into powerful customization features. Avoid the pitfalls of using templates, which create extra work fitting your brand and story into something made for general use.

Motion Storyline can create promotional, instructional material, and long-form storytelling video. Promotional publishes flashy video as well as HTML landing pages. Instructional publishes user paced videos as well as HTML + PDF technical documentation. Long-form video publishes screen recordings with organizational slides as well as HTML blog pages. Create once and publish content for any modern platform.
Motion Storyline is not focused on animation, as the name might imply, but actually on creating a unified quality standard in combining all three formats it will export.

It is an opportunity for content creators to increase the value of what they are making by allowing different exports to multiple formats. In the past, the process for doing this would involve multiple desktop software applications but as technology progresses this is no longer necessary for every project. Another opportunity it affords content creators is the ability to stay current on SEO and web performance practices so they can market themselves and be found on search engines in a competitive way in areas and industries that are becoming increasingly saturated.

Using Motion Storyline provides individual or small teams of content creators a way to produce high quality formats that their audience will relate to without having to re-create anything in a separate software or publishing application. This can also benefit larger teams simply because more can be generated in a smaller amount of time which allows scaling up to large projects easier.