Embed animations within your app to explain a feature

Export your brief explainer video as HTML and keep your dashboard UI lightweight while maintaining the exact same visual presentation. 

Allow high engagement for users with different levels of familiarity with your product

Perhaps your user would benefit from a full in-depth interview style video where you introduce yourself and walk them through some of your product features step-by-step, or perhaps your users aren't ready yet to open that video and just need a quick text summary of what their main options are to orient them as they land in a page or feature inside your app. You decide which style you need to create.

Formats, reminders, and resources

Motion Storyline projects will follow a format for creation and show you recommendations for how to go about making your project as well as link to important resources. These are built in by default, and you can then go into more depth to completely customize (or remake from code) your project.
Use a screen capture you already have
Mark times
Upload and type in the topics you cover, marked at the time in the video they start
Demo the app
Click create, view previews of overlays.

Tell your story

Captivate audiences across platforms