Present a frictionless + exciting format to your boring user facing technical documentation and troubleshooting guides

Less support tickets

If users are motivated to actually read through troubleshooting information that you provide them, it reduces costs incurred for live customer interaction. Just providing the documentation in the first place is a great first step, but customers will bypass the learning process in favor of interacting with a live person if they are not motivated to learn. 

See a template

Head on over to our example template and see how it works.

Embedded FAQ / how-to inside product

Embedding works just like a video - simply go to the embedding option and copy/paste the code into your product's HTML. Unlike a YouTube or Vimeo video however, you will need to host the video so you will want to deploy just the animation to Netlify first.

Increased onboarding

Showcase new features, less than obvious product use cases, and demonstrate product tours in an easy to understand, friendly, and professional format. Embed animation movies inside your product to explain any aspect of what to do or how to use the product. Customers new to the product who might be on a trial period will learn all the aspects that provide them value in a pinpoint targeted and relaxing way that will communicate the full value of your product - even with the average internet attention span of... -- um, sorry someone just posted a cat picture on Twitter, but I'll be right back...

Meaningfully improve user experience

Not only will users enjoy the overall experience of using your product more, but they will quickly catch on to information that provides them value from within the product. This translates to higher conversions in a very real way.
As SaaS evolves, marketers are quickly realizing the value and potential of leveraging technical documentation as a marketing resource - not just as content for potential users to come to for answers, but also as product selling points