Frase integration

Using Frase to document your product for SEO

Frase is an app that guides you through current best practices in a constantly changing SEO landscape. Motion Storyline helps bring product documentation to life. This guide will show how to integrate using both to create a technical documentation post like this by exporting you Frase content into Motion Storyline.

Why combine forces?

Engaging, SEO focused product documentation also gives you an opportunity to increase onboarding by engaging and convincing potential users of your product's value even before they are paid users seeking guides to using your product. In today's ladscape of information at your fingertips, many times customers will seek out answers to very technical questions regarding your product to test whether or not it is right for them. Having a high degree of searchability from Google just like an SEO focused blog brings together all of these aspects for a potential user - and even sends Google traffic your way just for making information you already have publicly visible.

No longer do we need to silo our marketing department away from our technical information and the experts responsible for supporting our paying users. Today we can work together to provide a seamless and integrated customer experience, and add value to our users and potential users in the process.

You have an opportunity to keep your customers more engaged. You can reduce customer support tickets. Increasing the user friendliness of your product can help to reduce churn.

How to leverage both tools using copy/paste method

  1. Within the Frase app dashboard, use their tools to research and craft together the post or documentation you wish to create. There are many resources provided by Frase that show how to do this. Using the text editor, edit your document until you are happy you have a finished article entry.
  2. Export your document as a plain text file from the dropdown menu. Copy and paste the text into your Motion Storyline project. Add back in a any needed formatting including headers and bold text and / or titles. Although it is not required, for organization purposes you may decide to cut/paste sections into individual text boxes within the Motion Storyline app.
  3. Go to the main project and from the dashboard and click download from the top menu. Choose download as HTML, and specify if you need a PDF version. The layout and result should very closely resemble what you are reading right now, as this was generated using this exact process.

Comparison of documentation generators - coming soon


Developer focused with functioning mock API calls, Readme docs are developer focused and developer on-boarding friendly.


As a team focused tool a lot of extensions and enhanced functionality for internal tool use cases, but that doesn't limit the power of public facing documents created for users. With new updates rolling out quickly, it is hard to create a fair comparison of this technology without it becoming obsolete very quickly. This is a definite leader in this space.