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Motion Storyline can be used to place overlays over background video making it a perfect complement to add text and infographic layers and elements to an asynchronous video. Using platforms that help you create asynchronous video, it makes sense to just import a video you have made and then export it out of Motion Storyline once you have added your finishing touches. 
However it is a good idea to ask yourself - is adding a more production feel even a better option? Some things to consider:
  • If the person you are messaging can respond on the same platform and it does not have a way to add production finish, will they feel like the message is less personal and more of a presentation, and if so would they feel like they could not respond in the same way?
  • Adding professional graphic overlays can add to an asynchronous video message mostly when it communicates information in a faster or clearer way than if you just explain it in words. It should be used sparingly and never to try to 'impress' your recipients with 'cool looking' animations or flare. If it isn't necessary to communicate a point, it should not be in your video message.
  • Use a personalized feel for your branding and look - if you are using asynchronous video to emulate a face to face conversation, adding brand marks like a professional logo may work against you in that it takes away the non-corporate feel of a face to face interaction. However, you can use motion graphics, text, and explainer content to convey a personal touch. When in doubt, added elements should probably not be in your video.
  • Sometimes your audience is wanting a very professional feel and produced look and expects certain types of standards (i.e. cutting to your cutest ever cat video isn't going to be appropriate). This will vary and it is important to know and research your audience and what will go over well. Especially with cold outreach, combining a bit of marketing promotional content inside a personalized video can go a long way if your audience is not familiar with your company to anchor your message and give it a certain type of credibility.