Motion Storyline does not plan on implementing 'breaking changes' at any point if it is in any way avoidable. Any type of export or importable format will be backwards compatible if it can possibly be implemented. Right now certain features do not yet work. As new releases are pushed live, some or all of the features will be updated to a working status. Some (but not all) of these features will be listed here and updates will be reflected. 
  • Voice selection settings in AWS Polly (currently defaults to Joanna).
  • Animation only settings, including:
    • Adding background music track
    • Adjusting default transition time
    • Custom transition mask images
  • More options for source content targeting, including:
    • Custom fields targeting selectable export formats, for example custom project name for animation format only
    • Custom meta tags for SEO


  • Component import (currently not allowed). For each Figma component, you must detach instance for the layer before it can import into Motion Storyline.


The best way to track and see added or current capabilities of Motion Storyline features is to view or use new templates. Any capabilities added into Motion Storyline will be reflected in the templates as a starting off point for using any Motion Storyline features. Free and premium templates will be released on an ongoing basis.

09/27 - launched working version of the Novi page builder with a partial default template Volt by Themesberg. 
09/27 - launched basic version of the animation builder, but no presets are available yet. The only working functionality is editable content, block deletion, and import / export, and full code editing with separate Ace code editors for HTML, JS, and CSS.