Features February 22nd, 2020

Motion Storyline Engine

The concept of a 'theme' is broken. A good 'theme' is professionally designed, but the process is backwards - a designer is creating a hypothetical design for a hypothetical use and the buyer then tries to personalize it to their brand, voice, messaging, etc. 

It's time to fix this. Storyline Engine begins with your story - it has a basic awareness of brand guidelines, high level concept messaging, and level concept design. This means it can use professional design principles to do groundwork, high level design to form a shell in much the same way a template is designed, but more specific design choices depend on the content - in other words it depends on your story. It will automatically make design choices if it can and place in default content until you have customized the engine by setting brand guidelines and customizations. 

Now a theme-as-a-product can design around your story and content using brand guidelines. This is how the design process works and allows for a much higher quality solution. Welcome to the future of brand storytelling.