Easy blog in 2020

In the current ecosystem for 2020, if you want to publish a blog you have a bunch of options. Wordpress is still a good option because of the ease of use it provides, but a lot of new technology makes it hard to set up using PHP and a dedicated server environment and leverage static site hosting benefits such as edge caching (i.e. low latency). As a developer project it's just much easier to ditch Wordpress and get up and running on a Gatsby. But we lose a lot of the rich ecosystem of Wordpress such as Yoast meta generation and word count. Technology has caught up and static site generated meta is great on more established systems like Gatsby, and Google indexes React or server hydrated sites with increasing confidence of getting the same results 100% of the time (compared to static HTML sites). 
But which system is the best?
They are all different, and each has strengths and weaknesses based on what the ultimate requirements are for using it. Unfortunately the full requirements many times are just not known at the time when the decision needs to be made, so recommendations are difficult.
Cost is definitely a consideration as well - a traditional Flywheel on Wordpress website currently costs $13/mo for a single site install.
Alternatively if you have the devops know-how you can leverage a Digital Ocean droplet at $5/mo, or provision on AWS / Google Cloud / Azure for a similar cost per month until you get a very significant amount of traffic and usage. Setup on Digital Ocean is really not much harder for a Wordpress install once you get a bit familiar with their terminology (for example 'droplet'), but their target audience is still developers.
These options have unlimited growth potential, not just in traffic and usage but in growing along with technology and integrating it as it progresses. You are leveraging a bare bones server and you can do whatever you want with it as long as you know how.
Wordpress ecosystem allows new plugins that implement new technologies and these can accomplish the same integrations you may potentially want in the future, but plugins run the range of being high quality to creating an invited exploitable security compromise in your website codebase.
Many times developers get started on a really flexible and configurable setup, and spend a bunch of time developing and creating their own system to meet the immediate needs of the blog website. The unfortunate drawback of this is it requires dev work for an SEO focused blog, instead of the valuable time going to writing blog content.
Motion Storyline
Motion storyline combines an opinionated setup to leverage all the best of the necessary technology and features to help you setup a new blog with ease. It will continue to grow with technology as it is not locked into any platform such as Wordpress. All the setup is done and you can focus on what matters - creating SEO friendly content!