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Internal presentation automation

You need to create an internal presentation for your company - the good news is a lot of the material has already been covered and made in previous presentation. Your time is best spent on just the part that is specific to the goals of this presentation.
You can devote internal resources to the project, but the more work that can be offloaded and simplified with software tools, the better.

Unprecedented presentations

Asynchronous meetings. Internal presentations. Work culture in the modern world evolves fast. 
Interview style self recordings as presentations have grown more commonplace and become more powerful. Motion Storyline lets you leverage even more tools for enhancing presentations. Create a video transcription and translation processed before you can get back to your desk with a coffee.

Transcribe video

Turn recorded audio (in your video) into text. In addition, you can translate this written text into any language supported by Google translate.

Translate topics

In some cases it might be more beneficial to translate just the topics covered instead of the entire transcript. This can give readers an anchor which can be paired with visuals from your presentation.

Easy viewing publish options

Present your recording as part of a slideshow, or record a slideshow as part of your video. Add transition effects and text to highlight important information. Publish it to Netlify, and send out the link. Or download for offline or unreliable internet situations.
Create asynchronous presentations
Allow yourself the flexibility to go between live presentation and asynchronous presentation styles.
Organize your ideas
Everything is kept for you in digital format and can be transformed at any time to another format or updated at any time
Infographic anchors
Use standard icons, or upload custom SVG infographics to enhance your presentation with visuals

Start from template